Talk about fast!

This morning after breakfast, I relaxed in my room with my roomie, waiting for our time on the push track, to which I’ve been, but never participated. The last time I was in Placid, I pulled my hamstring in the first event of the test, rendering me unable to complete it. So I went to the push track, lay on a sled, and the guys from the combine all pushed me!

Anyway, this time around, we went out to the track around 11:00am. Since I was in the first group, I made sure to do some strides and stretching before I ran, even though it was a “warm” 40 degrees.

Let me tell you, pushing looks much easier than it is! It was pretty awkward and uncomfortable, but I might be able to ghetto-rig something I can take to the gym, put on the treadmills, and practice running bent over. Sure, it’ll look funny, but it’ll improve my push for sure! To show my progress, I was going to post videos, but this blog site doesn’t like what I’m throwing out there I guess. So I’ll come back and try later.

After pushing came lunch at the OTC, then a little more relaxing before sliding. Since we did a small workout for pushing, and tomorrow is the combine, I took a day off of weights to keep my recovery at a maximum. My roommate and I were planning on watching all three Lord of the Rings movies, one per night…and we already finished the series tonight. Talk about free time!

Sliding tonight was pretty interesting. I left for sliding today knowing that one of the top skeleton athletes in the world had missed the track record by .03 seconds…making me both excited and scared. The track was fast! Today, at my fastest, I was going 61mph. The crazy thing is, on Friday, pending good runs tomorrow, I will be going from Start 1 (the “real deal” start), and will be running the track in the same amount of time (probably averaging around 52 seconds) from four turns higher and will be going probably 15mph faster. AAAHH!!

This is so crazy! I’m trying not to get too competitive when I look at time sheets that Coach Hass sends us at the end of every day, but it’s really hard for my mind not to go crazy when I see my name below someone else’s.

You are all witness to this: my goal for the season-slide in an America’s Cup race at Lake Placid.


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