Dude, I’m pumped!

I was so nervous during this morning’s warm ups, mainly because every time I ran quick, my brain was screaming that I’d pull my hamstring again. All I needed was one good sprint to get my points started, then all I had to do was finish the combine.

A combine with the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation is a fitness test, with nine components, and the ability to score 100 points in each: 15m sprint, 30m sprint, 45m sprint, 30m fly, broad jump, shot toss, clean and squat.

Despite not training for this combine due to injury and, frankly, laziness, I improved all my sprint times except the 30m fly, and that was only by .03 seconds. I had never done anything past that, so it was interesting to do this time around.

I’ll need to work on my broad jump, but I threw a pretty good shot toss (thanks, Coach Saatara!) and went into weights only 98 points away from 600, meaning all I really had to do was get a set in, and I’d be fine. But you know me! I like competition!

I cleaned 62.5 kg, and while I’m not sure that’s my max, I’m pretty happy considering I can’t really train for it. My squat has always been my favorite and best event in the weight room, and it didn’t disappoint too badly today. I got my first set of three in at 80kg, passing the 600 mark, meaning I can get funded to stay now! I went up to 90kg, hitting that with a little bit of stress. Finally, the strength coach assured me he thought I could hit 95kg, so I went up. With some effort, and a pretty loud yell at the last rep, I completed it!

So I scored 682 points, give or take a couple if my math is off (remember, I’m a Parks and Rec major, not a math major!). Coach Hass was encouraging and had some pretty awesome things to say afterwards, which I won’t say here in case nothing plays out…but things are looking good, considering I still like sliding from start one (which we do tomorrow).

We’re sliding from start 3 again, focusing on driving a little more, so I may or may not update tonight.

So for the moment, does anyone know how to gracefully quit a job I just went through training for?


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