I feel  like I got run over by a mack truck! But I guess that’s to be expected the day after maxing out on squats and cleans.

I am also sporting a couple new bruises after last night’s sliding session: one shiner on my hip, and a small one on my knee. My forearms are also bruised and tender from the cradle of the sled smacking me every time it hits the wall. And my shoulder is still tender from where I hit the ice a couple days ago.

Nothing is scaring me away yet, though! I’ve felt more sore than this, and I’ve been more banged up than this…can’t think of any other times right now, but…

I can’t wait to slide again today. My heart dropped this morning when I realized it was Friday, my last day in Lake Placid until the end of November, or more probably January. I love the sport, I love the athletes, the challenges, the workouts. I do have a lot to think about after hearing Grandma Marilyn play Devil’s Advocate, but even the most logical part of me is right now screaming at me to drop everything and move up here for the winter.

It would indeed be a tough lifestyle, living from Lake Placid for 5-6 months, then moving somewhere else to take a spring, summer and fall job. But I’m up for it, if it means I’ll go somewhere in this sport.

And now…to the cafeteria for breakfast! On! On!


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