Two Days and Counting

So I went to bed at 9:30 tonight, thinking that the amount of data entry that I’ve been doing the last week has finally beaten me into submission. As you can see, the post time for this is later than that.

As I was tossing and turning trying to force myself to fall asleep, I found myself thinking way too much. While there were many different subjects in my head, such as data entry and all that goes with it, I realized I was focusing mostly on (what else?) skeleton.

I leave again for Lake Placid in two days, and I’ll be staying for a 10-day stretch for the Advanced Sliding School. Needless to say, I’m anxious to get back on the ice.

The thoughts relating to the trip are listed below. You can tell I’m delierious with exhaustion, but my brain is doing too much for me to just fall asleep! They are random, ramble-y, and journal-entry-like, but bear with me! I need to get it all off my mind!

1. What time will I leave? Am I leaving Monday and staying the night somewhere in New York or am I leaving dawn patrol on Tuesday? If dawn patrol, how “dawn-ish”? 4am? 5am? Taking into account weather conditions, directions (or getting lost while trying to follow those directions), and the ability for me to drive my Honda Civic in the snow/ice, should I leave earlier?

2. I know I’m packing my own food for the drive up (can’t afford even fast food…that’s how broke I am!) but what am I taking? Pasta? Potatoes? Meat? All of the above? How about snacks? Carrots? Apple slices? My traditional Frosted Mini Wheats?

3. I put Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on my ipod for the trip, but just realized I don’t yet have a way to plug said ipod into my audio system in my car.

4. Sleds…I know I have to rent one because I can’t buy one until 2011. Do I rent a school sled or a Hass sled? Do I even have money to rent a sled? Well, I have to have because I need a sled!

5. Helmets…nope. Still haven’t ordered a helmet. Shouldn’t be a problem for this school, though. I’ll have one before January.

6. Work. I have no way to do data entry at the OTC because I won’t have this laptop up there. No work=no paycheck. No paycheck=no skeleton. I could use an OTC computer, but their internet is often fickle.

7. I’ve logged 30 hours this week of data entry alone…and it will be more tomorrow (aiming for 35 for the week, though I’ll probably get more in). Oh the life of a semi-unemployed athlete! You have NO idea how much I hate these waivers now. The only thing getting me through them is watching/listening to Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix whist typing. Yes, I know Buffy is weird and people think it’s dumb…but sometimes you need a little Buffy in your life.

That’s about the majority of my thoughts right now. There are other ones regarding my shin pain, but those are thoughts I’ve learned to ignore. I did just get my foam roller in the mail today (thanks for the tip, Chris!) so I’ll be using that from now on.

I did have a great Thanksgiving. Not being able to get back to California to spend the holiday with my family, I spent it instead with my other family. I was invited by an Adventure Links coworker to join her family for the meal.

It was certainly a delicious meal with all the traditional fixin’s, including a turkey that was butchered just for us. Rachel’s mom being a bartender and Rachel herself being something of a wine connoisseur, there was also good drink! I ate most of everything and even surprised my Grandpa later when I told him I had eaten my first bites of stuffing AND apple pie! He replied, “Well, of course! You’re old enough now to try new things!” Good thing he’s there to remind me!

I ended up staying the night at their house after popping a couple Benadryl for the cat. It was nice to be with friends, especially because this was my first Thanksgiving away from home.

And so another blog post comes to an end. I look forward to next week, where I’m sure I will be updating nightly, or at least every other night. I will hopefully have some video this time of me sliding, and of course there will be more pictures!

Thanks for reading!

If anyone knows of anyone who would be interested in donating funds or sponsoring me in my quest for the Olympics, please direct them to this blog, where there is a link to donate on the right-hand side of the page. Or visit Thank you for all your support!


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