Oh the weather outside is frightful!

After waiting two and a half weeks to slide again, I was disappointed to find out just before breakfast this morning that the track was closed due to inclimate weather. Yes, it was snowing/raining/50mph wind all day, but come on! I’ve trained in worse than that!

I guess the wind was ripping the guard curtains off the track, and the ice was iffy, so they had shut it down for the day.

So I spent much of the day sitting in my room. Around 2, I went to the weight room and got in a good lifting session (it’s so nice to work out in a real weight room where you can drop lifts!). It was challenging, but it felt amazing to be working out.

I did go downtown to visit Eastern Mountain Sports, where I got a spandex top for sliding and shoe crampons for the track walks we take before sliding.  I also visited a couple stores to get some cheap sweats, since I only have one pair with me.

I’m still kinda in disbelief that I’m here, living at the Olympic Training Center and training with all these fantastic athletes. It’s definitely one of the most humbling and challenging things I’ve done in my life.

Leisl told us all about a figure skating show at the Olympic Ice Rinks, after which there would be a free skate, so most of the development athletes went. It was nice to get out of the OTC and it was a good show. Short and sweet, with the Saranac Lake Figure Skating Academy performing, ranging in ages from 15 to an ADORABLE 5-year-old making her figure skating debut. Seriously, so cute I would have eaten her!

Ice skating is always fun, though I learned I definitely prefer figure skates to hockey skates. I have bruises on my ankles from the hockey skates I only wore for five minutes. Once I put the figure skates on, I was much more comfortable on the ice!

A little skater of about 6 was trying to teach me how to skate backwards. She was so adorable, and I was trying to impress her, but I got the feeling she was a little frustrated in my lack of ability. But at least she was encouraging!

Here I am, being critiqued by two of the little girls who were skating around me. The one in the pink was my “coach” who was doing most of the teaching.

She taught me a couple ways to do it, but the “push” method was easiest for me. I got a little better, but definitely not as good as her! I think I can hold my own in the pose finish, though!

The ice is closed tomorrow was well (though I guess there’s a slight chance it’ll open again) so it’ll be another day of sitting in the OTC, eating, working out and trying to amuse ourselves. Luckily I work in the outdoors, where flexibility is key!

On the plus side of all this downtime: I’m reading more books now that I don’t have a bunch of kids in my charge. I joined the Fairfax County library system finally and started my collection with two biographies: My Life in France by Julia Child, and The Queen Mother, a biography about…well, the Queen Mother. I’m reading My Life in France right now, and Ms. Child is a great author! Funny and very descriptive. I recommend it.

Keep an eye out for more updates as the camp goes on! I’m extremely excited to get back on the ice!

For now, keep sliding!


2 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is frightful!

  1. I.miss.you. I think it’s just awesome that you’re doing this. Way cooler than my life will ever be! Buuut I still wish you could visit 😦

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