Bruised, exhausted, but happy!

Well, another sliding camp has come and gone.

Tonight was our last day of sliding in 2010, which is bittersweet. I love sliding, and it’s definitely an experience in itself to slide from the top, but I think my body is ready for a short break.

We slid in temperatures that dipped to 2 degrees today, and on ice that is being prepped for the World Cup next week, which basically sums up that the track was FAST tonight. My first run, I was too far forward on my sled, so the spine of my runners (which are towards my feet) were not digging into the ice. As a result, I had no control whatsoever.

My second run was better, as I made sure to get on the sled farther back. I felt the difference, though I still didn’t have much control. I didn’t push quite as fast today (5.85 and 5.99, as opposed to yesterday’s 5.74) but I did get to use my new brush spikes!

I wanted to get pictures of some fantastic bruises and cuts that my teammates got this week, but as my camera is at the bottom of a memorial pool in DC, that was impossible.

My prize from the week is a series of bruises across the bottom of my chin and throat, which was the result of my helmet chin strap cutting into me during the run. My problem was that my helmet (a school helmet, so…old) was too big for me, so it would get pushed up every time my chin hit the ice. It’s pretty painful, seeing as I like to sit and rest my chin on my palm a lot.

I also have a bruise the size of Texas on my left hip, and one the size of Rhode Island on my left. Other than a few bruises here and there on my legs, and one good one on my left ankle, I’ve walked away fairly unscathed.

It’s hard to leave Lake Placid, especially after sliding from the top at last. I feel like every time I’m about to hit my stride, I have to leave again. Luckily, the next time I come up, I’ll be living here for three months! So no back and forth driving to Virginia!

But, my bags are packed, my clothes are laid out for tomorrow and I’ve said goodbye to as many people as I can find. My drive tomorrow may be long, but I’m prepared! I’m crossing my fingers for clear weather and clear roads! It’d be GREAT if I could make it home in less than 12 hours!

Push start videos will be up hopefully this weekend as will more pictures!

For now, keep sliding!

The gang at the OTC


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