Yep, winter is here

No, there’s no snow here in Northern Virginia (yet) but it is cold as anything! Actually, according to the thermometer it’s not “cold” like it is in other parts of the country (*cough Lake Placid cough*)! It’s hovering around the 30s, maybe high 20s and I am freezing my tail off!

Since I don’t quite have all the winter clothes that I need (I really need a nice down jacket) I have to layer with pretty much summer clothing, a few sweatshirts, and a semi-heavy snow jacket.

This cold also makes it virtually impossible to do sprint training. Since I don’t exactly have the best base layers for sub-freezing temperatures, I’m a little nervous to do full sprint workouts at any time of the day. That being said, my sprint speed is probably way down.

I have been lifting every other day, and have been improving on my weights. This is my down week, so the weight is 80% of my max, which doesn’t sound like much, but it is. Often during a down week, I get the feeling that my muscles aren’t doing anything since the weight is lighter, so I slack. I have to remind myself that even a light weight works, and tell myself that the down week is primarily for recovery so my body is ready for the next session of heavy lifting.

I am very excited to get back to Lake Placid in a little less than two weeks. It’ll be nice to have a gym to sprint in, even though in that gym, the most an athlete can sprint is 30 meters before she has to slow down for risk of slamming into the wall. Still, 30 meters over and over is better than not sprinting at all.

What I’m also excited for is the treadmill in the weight room that can be self-propelled, thus makes a terrific push-start training tool. I’m excited to work on my start and drop the time! I haven’t chosen a goal for that yet, but by the first week or so in New York, hopefully I’ll have one.

I also have a sled waiting for me (I might have mentioned this in a previous blog). It’s weighted to me, and I will be measured for the saddle when I arrive in New York. The sled isn’t paid for yet, but I’m hoping to yet get donations or sponsors from some of my hometown friends and businesses.

I’m a little tight for money right now, but as soon as I arrive in Lake Placid, I’m going to get a job and hopefully start right away. The biggest concerns at the moment are my car insurance and cell phone bills, but I’ll make it work somehow.

I can’t wait to see my “teammates” again (I don’t really know what to call the folks I train with since sliding skeleton is individual…my co-residents, maybe). It’ll be so nice to be in that competitive environment again. I thrive off of that. It’ll also be really nice to be in a lighted, heated building with dozens of other people to talk to (it’s kind of creepy at camp right now. Even though there are 5 of us living within walking distance of each other, there are no outside lights being the woods, so it’s pretty spooky).

My company is keeping me busy with hourly projects. Since we’re closed down for the winter, it’s really slow, but housekeeping and data entry is not beneath me! It’s not my preference, but someone has to do it, and it keeps me from worrying about other issues!

I have noticed that I haven’t been sleeping well, and I attribute that to not being busy enough during the day, physically. Sure, I plug numbers for hours, but it’s sitting at a computer all day. An hour-ish weight room session is not enough to get me exhausted. But I guarantee that the first week I’m in Lake Placid, I’ll be so exhausted at the end of the day form lifting, sprinting and most of all sliding, that I’ll sleep straight through the night again!

This is mostly a rambling post, but it helps me get things out of my brain!

As always, I welcome donations and the opportunity for sponsors! There is a link on the right side of my blog (it says DONATE in big letters…you can’t miss it!) that will link directly to a PayPal account (so your money is safe) or you can visit to make a donation through the USBSF.

Thank you to my grandparents, Ken and Marilyn Salter, our family friends Heidi and Mike, and my aunt and uncle, Nancy and Bill, for their contribution and support for my goals!

Take care, stay warm, and keep on sliding!


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