Time to shop!

Thanks to the help of my aunt and uncle, who sent me a Sport’s Authority gift card for Christmas, and a contest I won at work that awarded me a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods, I have added to my clothing for sliding at last!

I’ve been sorely without proper sliding clothes for a while. Well, I have them but not enough. So basically, I’ve been using the two pairs of sprinting tights that I got from being an athlete with NAU (dated from 2006 and 2009 respectively) and one UnderArmour top that I got from relatives Christmas 2008.

This past time in Lake Placid, I went to the local Eastern Mountain Sports store and got an EMS brand long sleeve base layer shirt (which is NOT warm enough, but I made-do) that I started wearing as well. I also was able to buy my first speedsuit (brand: adidas), that is old, but still works.

During the past two days, I went on a “shopping spree” (so to speak with my meager-to-nonexistent income).

Let me start off by saying, 1) I can’t make decisions, 2) I love sports stores, so will stay there for hours, and 3) I can’t make decisions in sports stores to save my life.

I began by tackling Sports Authority. I knew that Dick’s here is bigger than Sports Authority as far as variety, so though I’d try on some stuff at Sports Authority to make my venture to Dick’s a little “easier”.

UnderArmour makes great cold gear. I’ve had an infatuation with the brand since high school soccer, when ALL the girls (except me until junior year) had UnderArmour long-sleeve tops to wear under their jerseys during the cold weather. When I got my first UnderArmour top from my parents, I was over the moon! Actually, my FIRST UnderArmour experience was a loaned top from my mom’s best friend’s daughter, who went to college as I stepped up to Varsity.

So anyway, they make a great mock turtleneck cold weather, long sleeve shirt that is terrific. I tried a couple on, and finally decided on my size (oh, that’s nothing…wait ’til I get into pants) and color (Carolina blue) and ended up spending my gift card, plus some.

Sounds simple. And it was, until I turned to the tights. I am notorious for being unable to fit into pants. If you haven’t noticed, or if you’re blind, I have a rather substantial derrière. Thus, women’s cut pants do NOT fit. At Sports Authority alone, I tried on UnderArmour, adidas, and Nike tights, none of which fit. This surprised me because, as I said above, my college tights were Nike.

I managed to make it to Dick’s about 30 minutes before it closed, but since I can’t make decisions, I didn’t get anything. I also tried on all the women’s tights they had, in UnderArmour, Nike, adidas, and Reebok. And…NOTHING.

It was only later that night when I understood that my Nike tights from NAU were MEN’S size. And they had a drawstring. AHA!

So, I entered Dick’s with newfound determination this morning. I tried on a few women’s tights (apparently I didn’t learn my lesson) and those all failed me, so I hunted down the only size small men’s tights I could find, also UnderArmour. And, lo and behold, they FIT! Score!

Dick’s was ALSO having a huge sale: 50% off the lowest ticketed price of selected items. You know the round clothes racks that are always in stores that you used to hide in while your mom was shopping (you all did it, so don’t pretend otherwise)? They had, kid you not, about 30 of them spread around the main floor of the store, chock-a-block full of clothing.

To make the long story short, I was in the store for about two hours, and picked up tights, and two pairs of adidas soccer shorts, that I’ll use for lifting or sprint training (soccer shorts, mercifully, fit). I used the other gift card, chatted to the cashier about skeleton (after explaining that, no it’s NOT like car racing on ice), and took my purchases home.

So I have at least one more set of clothing I can use for sliding, and can mix and match better now that I have a pair of black tights! Yes, I do think about what I’m wearing and if it matches…not as much as some, but there you are. I almost picked up a pair or two of mix-and-match long socks to wear, but withdrew my hand, reminding myself that, until I find a job in New York, I have no income.

I’m sorry that this entire post is regarding clothing, but it’s something! Starting Monday, I’ll be able to (and will) update MUCH more frequently, as I will be in Lake Placid, uninterrupted, until April 3!!

First, another long drive to New York, but this time, I’ll be stopping to visit Lauren (a soccer friend) at Rutgers University and staying with her on Sunday night. Then, I’ll be finishing the drive, stopping at Albany Airport to pick up Sam on the way. If I get there early enough, the job search will begin immediately. If not, maybe we’ll get there in time to slide. Who knows?

For now, I’ll cease my prattling and let you all go back to your lives. To quote a favorite NPR show, “You’ve now wasted a perfectly good half-hour listening to us”.


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