Eat, Sleep, Slide…Crossword!

No, I didn’t finish my last crossword that I wrote so lavishly about in my last post. I came close, but according to my teammates, I “cheated” too much by checking my answers. Thing is, my mom taught me ALWAYS to check and double check my answers, so really I was just following what I was taught from an early age. Right? I said am I right?

I’ve developed something of a routine up here in Lake Placid. Even though our day-to-day schedule seems to constantly change, I have been trying to keep things the same. For an athlete, routine is a good thing. For me, routine helps me not forget things (I have a routine with how I pack my bag for the track, for instance since I tend to forget vital pieces of equipment…a mouthguard, for instance).

I get up in the morning around 8am. I haven’t been waking up to an alarm. Either I hear my roommates, or my body is just getting accustomed to it. After doing the morning essentials, I head to breakfast, usually with Leisl.

On my way out of the cafeteria, I grab a USA Today, and head to the computer lab to check my e-mail and facebook. Then, depending on the day, I either go watch video of the previous day’s sliding, or I get dressed for my workout.

Monday/Wednesday, I do a pretty extensive weight workout, and Tuesday/Thursday I work on my push on the treadmill, along with a complete warm-up and a couple plyos (ok, so I haven’t done the plyos yet, but I will!).

I’m usually not hungry right after a workout, so I get back to my room and “do the crossword.” I pull out the puzzles page of the paper, scan the rest of the headlines, and then do the Sudoku, word puzzles, and finally attempt the crossword. I’m not so good at this puzzle yet, but slowly, I’m filling in more rows.

Here I am, in my usual spot, attempting to finish today’s crossword!

My roommates help me occasionally, and Savannah is really good at looking outside the box, but I try and complete as much as I can.

Finally, it’s time to slide. I pack my bag, go through the checklist with Leisl (mouthguard? Check. Spikes? Check. Sled? Check) and head to the track. After three or so slides, we come back to the OTC, and I either get in the cold tub or go to dinner.

After that, it’s relaxing with my roommates, reading, watching TV or just chatting.

It’s a fun life, little stress, and a lot of activity. Just my kind of day!

We made  a change to my sled today. Don mentioned last week that he wanted to move weight forward in my sled, and today we did it. All it consisted of was opening the padding of my sled, unscrewing the bolts holding the lead weight on the sled, taking half of that lead and moving it to the front of the sled.

Don and myself distributing weight in my sled

Now, half of the weight that was on my runners, so helping me dig into the ice and not skid, has now been suddenly thrust into the front. This sounds like  a major change, and it is a big adjustment to handle.

Today, however, the track was rather slow, so I didn’t really feel any difference. I also made myself believe that no weight had been moved, so I wouldn’t over think it. My runs were slower than normal, but so were everyone’s. No one ran a good start because the grooves were slow, and most everyone’s downtimes were not as fast as usual.

As a result of the bad runs, my other roommate, Morgan, decided to help our frustration with sugar. She went out and bought quite a large amount of candy, which is now, once again, stashed by my bed. I know people say that the heavier a skeleton athlete is, the faster they go, but I don’t think that an athlete shaking with sugar overload is such a good idea.

The newest additions to our sugar phase. A.K.A: We turn to candy to solve sliding problems.

A good thing to say about today, was that it was a good day to work on technique, and I felt like my runs, for the most part, were clean. One thing I did notice was…guess! MY HEAD WAS UP. Gosh darn it!! My form is falling apart, and I keep leaving my head up. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics, and I know that tomorrow I will be focusing on holding my head down and my form together.

No more new bruises (yay!), but there are bruises that are getting bigger, or darker as the case is for my left bicep. I have been informed that I will be getting a brand-new, made-just-for-me sled in the fall (yipee!) so I’m excited for that.

Thanks for reading, all! I appreciate all your support!

As usual, I am always looking for donations and/or sponsors. Please follow the donation link on my blog, or contact me at for more options.


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