A cold is a cold is a cold

No matter which way you say it, I was sick.

Yep, the day after nationals I woke up with a scratchy throat, coughed it out, and shrugged it off as just a scratchy throat.

Tuesday dawned with me laying in bed sporting a cold.

Normally, I don’t get sick often (usually a cold or two a year) but when I do, it tends to hit hard. This one was no exception.

I had done a lifting workout on Monday, and on Tuesday joined Coach Becca in the gym for a workout. I managed to get through it, but the first half hour was all cardio, which my lungs didn’t like very much. As soon as I laid down to rest that afternoon, I realized I’d be down for a couple days.

To keep this one short, I haven’t slid all week, and have only done two workouts. My brain is telling me, lazy lazy lazy! My body is telling me, thank you!

I’ve been sheltering myself in my room all week, eating alone in the cafeteria so as no to infect my other teammates, and trying to get better. I sent an e-mail to my mom complaining that sickness is lonely.

Thankfully, I am much better today, though still coughing, with only minor sniffles. It’s nice to have a slight sense of taste back too!

I haven’t been able to update my blog until today due to the enormous amount of congestion in my head. Even now my attention span is very short, and this is not as well-written as I would like. I am forgoing sliding again tonight, mostly so I can kick this cold out of the way, and partly because I have to work tomorrow again. I must say, being able to sleep until 8am on the weekends has been very nice. I’m not much looking forward to the 5am wakeup for work.

But, examing the finances for next season, the necessity to work is clear. Because the schedule for sliding is so packed next week, I will only be sliding TWO days, so that leaves plenty more opportunity. I will be sliding Monday, Tuesday next week and working Thursday-Sunday. So despite the lack of sliding, it will be a busy week!

I’m sure most of this post doesn’t make much sense, but hey, at least I updated!


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