Rainy Day in Lake Placid

Well, here I am again, folks! It’s September, it’s Push Championships times, and it’s RAINING!

For background in case you don’t know where I have been the last two years, I’ve been living in Clifton, Virginia at one of the regional parks, working for Adventure Links. Well, yes we did get “hit” by Hurricane Irene (my first hurricane!) but for being so far inland, we didn’t get much rain or wind at all. However, we did get whallopped by the tropical storm that blew out around the coast last week (Jose or Maria or something like that). During that week, we got flooded INTO our homes, and did the schools cancel their programs? They did NOT! So each of us staff got to play with 16 eleven-year-olds in a tiny cabin room for six hours a day. JOY.

But I digress from my original intent. I am back in Lake Placid this week to compete in the US National Push Championships, a competition on “dry land” (as opposed to on ice) that tests the push start of an athlete.  Having not pushed since America’s Cup in April, it’s taken a couple days to get used to the mechanics of pushing again, but I’m starting to get it. I’m not quite as quick off the blocks as I used to be, but I’ve been recovering from injury so haven’t pushed myself (pardon the pun!) too much lately.

The competition will take place on Saturday, and will be a field of oh, 20 girls or so. I’m confident in my abilities to match my goals for this competition, and I hope it ends up a good day! It is raining today (with highs of 51!!), but it should warm up and dry off for Saturday.

Ski Jumps in Lake Placid

Following the competition, I will accompany my teammate, Ryan, to his home in Whitehall, NY to stay the night/Sunday, and on Monday we are driving to Syracuse to get fitted for sleds! Well, I am getting fitted, he’s just doing maintenance. I have half my sled paid off (still owe $1900) which is a great feeling, and it’ll be great to get a little more done on it.

After the visit to Syracuse, Ryan, lovely guy he is, is driving me back to Albany to catch my flight back to Balitmore. I’ll stay Monday night at the airport and will leave at 6:00am for Oregon!! I’m very excited for this stretch of vacation, as I will be able to see my eldest brother, my aunt and uncle and my grandma of course! We’ll be going to Utah for a week or so, then it’s back to Ashland for some relaxation/exploring/working out/awesomeness.

For a finacial update, I was working two jobs this summer, though I only saved up enough to pay off my sled. I am working hard as ever to find sponsors or donors to help me with my 2011-2012 season, as I would like to qualify and travel to Europe for Europa Cup. I talked with a teammate who did the circut last year, and he couldn’t stop raving about it. It’s a bit commitment financially, but it is an opportunity that not many athletes get. I am anxious to do my best in sliding and perform at my highest level. It will take help, as I can’t do it on my own.

If you or someone you know may be interested in sending a donation or would like to see a sponsorship proposal from me, please let me know via comment on here or through my e-mail at lsesalter@gmail.com. I would be happy to provide any information, pictures, or video requested if it will help. I am still looking to pay off my sled, buy a sled case (anywhere fro $100-$500), and of course pay traveling expenses (for Europa Cup, it’ll be around $5000 for the entire month trip, while America’s Cup will be around $4000). Any amount is welcome, and again, please contact me if you would like to see more information.

I will be back to write about my experiences with Push Championships, so stay tuned! GO USA!



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