The Drama of Sport

Hello all! I am in the process of publishing an update involving my trip to Park City, Utah in January, but I wanted to pass on some stories that have een unfolded as of late in the women’s soccer world.

As some of you might be aware, Women’s Professional Soccer has suspended operations for the 2012 season. According to franchise Western New York Flash,  “revenue stream both at the league and team level suffered greatly primarily due to the fractured relationship among the owners and the distractions and legal ramifications of dealing with that circumstance.  That loss of revenue has put the WPS and some of its franchises in financial peril to the extent that it is impossible for the league to compete in 2012.”

These conflicts with the owners involves former magicJack owner Dan Borislow, who bought financially-struggling club Washington Freedom before the 2010 season and relocated them to Florida. At first, this owner was a god-send for the league: he had money. He had a team with a lot of powerful and notable athletes, including forward Abby Wambach and goalkeeper Hope Solo. And the league stayed in business. Then things got messy.
Borislow played by his own rules. He disregarded WPS policies regarding advertisement and sponsorship signage at games, did no public relations, allowed no media to question his athletes, and disbanded the crucial media outlets for the team.
After WPS big wigs pulled the plug on Borislow and his franchise, Borislow sued, saying the league disbanded his team prematurely. Florida court sided with the coach.
The legal ramifications of his actions are being felt in a league with little money to begin with. Unable to sustain a long and expensive battle in court, the league was forced to suspend their operations.
As if this wasn’t dramatic enough, the social media outlets have been in an uprage since the announcement three days ago. Former national team caption, Julie Foudy tweeted a reaction, saying, “Really? Is this where we are with women’s soccer?” Former national team forward Natashia Kai had a barrage of tweets, only a few that are repeatable, including: “Just finished coaching my u-10 girls and almost had tears in my eyes knowing they have no one to look up to as role models. Thx asshole”
However, there was one reaction that caught me off-guard and put me into a state of shock. Former magicJack Ella Masar wrote a blog in which she disclosed her experiences with Borislow. This is the reason for y blog update that has nothing to do with skeleton.
I ask you simply to read her post and please respond to me or Ella with comments regarding it. Borislow clearly had an ion grip on the team, but did nothing to help it. Power-hungry and money-hungry, this is an illustration of the grief he caused his players.
Please read it, let me know what you think, and I’ll pass your words on!
Keep an eye out for updates about my sliding in Park City!

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