Utah, Ho!

Once  again I have displayed my inability to update blog posts efficiently and timely. I am sorry for the delay. It seems whenever I make my mind up to update, something distracts me.

Though this might be a short post, at least I can give some updates! Lake Placid sliding continues to get better. Of course I still have peaks and valleys, by overall everything is improving.

I spent Christmas and New Year’s in Lake Placid, mostly to work and work I did! The Crowne Plaza certainly kept me busy. I mainly worked as much as I did so that I could take some extra cash to Park City!

What a good segway into talking about my first sliding trip outside of New York! I am writing this update from beautiful Park City, Utah where I have been since Thursday. I’ll be here for two weeks sliding at the track here.

The Utah Olympic Park is where the bobslas skeleton and luge races were held during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. It’s a pretty big park and it looks awesome at night which is when we slide.

Big Curve 12

I had track notes and video before my first ride but it didn’t prepare me for how different it was compared to Lake Placid. Placid is very technical and has a lot of curves in close succession so it’s a lot of fast reaction times. Park city has a lot of wide sweeping curves which makes a lot of G-force they those curves also create oscillations. There’s also a lot of time to think because there are only 15 curves as opposed to Lake Placid’s 19.

For my first ride I set a low rock, had standards on and I did not push fast. All I pretty much did was lay there and even that didn’t prepare me for the speed that I encountered. The track was incredibly different very smooth and felt like I was on a bunch of waves but it was fun.

From that first ride on, things started to click. Obviously, some thig went much better than others, but on a new track, that’sexpected. I spent the first week in Utah just learning where I was on the track, and remembering to correct my sled if I went into curve 6 too late!from here, hints got a little more detailed on the track, but I did my best not to over think things and get myself into trouble. I don’t need to were you with the nuances of the track, so I’ll skip right to the good bit: Mom got to see me slide!

That’s right! Mom made the weekend trip out to Utah to watch her daughter hurl herself down an icy track at close to 80MPH! It was so fantastic to get to show her the track, the park, and how sliding works. I showed her the starting line, and we watched a couple luge athletes slide before I had to get ready. Mom hung out around Curve 12 with a friend on that first day, so got to see a lot of me (comparitively speaking!). She did come up to the start line the next day to watch us push off (of course, that would be the day that I pop the groove…twice!).  Heidi and Mike, who were also in town with the twins and Heidi’s parents, were able to come out to watch. Unfortunately, they missed me, as I had a really rough ride after popping my second groove and ended up scratching with a bad ankle.

I wish I had updated sooner, because now I’m totally blanking on what happened! But never you fear…I’ll do my best to keep you updated from now on! We have a two-week break before National Championships, and I have to admit this break is welcome! I’m starting it off sick, but I hope to get some good rest and relaxation and maybe even a bit of a break from working out so I can recover from this strange funk I’ve been in since Park City. I think I may be just a bit burned out from the season, so I’m quite excited to give my mind and body a rest from sliding.

Thanks for all the support!


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