It’s Summertime, y’all!

Happy June!

I thought I would write a quick update to let you all know what’s going on so far this summer!

To begin with, I am living in a little studio apartment on Main Street in Lake Placid. I have secured two jobs for the summer, and have been working since the season ended. I am continuing my job at Brush on In, a little ceramics studio on Main Street, where I manage the store, and have joined the staff at the High Peaks Resort as a server at The Dancing Bears Restaurant. It’s much better business than the Crowne Plaza was, so in the long run, it’ll be to my benefit! I also like who I work with, and that makes a heap of difference.

Sunrise over Mirror Lake. The view from my apartment!

On top of those two jobs (at which I work 6-7 days a week), I have begun summer training for skeleton. This being June first means I’m a month into it, and feeling stronger by the day! After taking the entire month of April off, I certainly struggled a bit at first, but that’s to be expected. Thanks to the generosity and wonderful program designed by my former NAU throws coach, Mo Sataara (who coaches at Michigan now!), I am feeling fitter and stronger than I was this time last year.  That also has to do with the fact that I have the privilege of continuing to have facility access at the Olympic Training Center here, and so am using a proper weight room. No more trying to clean and squat dirty and muddy tractor tires behind the kitchen at Adventure Links (as much fun as the staff got from watching me get drenched in muddy water every time!).

It also helps that I can walk to the running track to do sprint workouts instead of having to drive 20 minutes! Lake Placid’s being a small town does not hinder me in the slightest, as I spent a good 15 years in a town just about this size. I like the small-town feel, though I am feeling the need to get out and see “the world” a little bit. Luckily, I have a couple teammates and friends up here  with whom I can make plans! For instance, a June 29th trip to Saratoga Springs, NY to see Brad Paisley in concert! Here’s hoping June will fly by! I also hope to get out to Boston to visit my twin brother, or perhaps tempt him to visit me and then take him to Cooperstown, NY (his baseball Mecca)! There is also the slight chance of a trip to “The City” (NYC!) to see a friend of David’s from California, who I’m sure will accompany me to as many Broadway shows as we can get to (right, Amber??) Ideas abound! I just have to put them into action!

Looking forward, I am excited for the next skeleton season to begin! Things kick off in August when I take my annual combine test. US Skeleton Push Championships will take place in September, and Team Trials will be the following month. It seems like so far away, but I know with the bustle of working this summer, June and July will fly by. I’m excited to have the facilities to train regularly this summer, and I look forward to seeing how I go into the season, physically.

Keeping fit in the Adirondacks is not hard for an outdoor professional like me! I’m looking forward to hiking as much as I can, and I’m lucky enough to have a hiking partner or two (or three!) with me here! My teammate and usually roommate, Morgan, and I have already conquered one of the 46ers (46 peaks over 4,000 feet in the Adirondacks) and we look forward to hiking more! We’re quite out of shape for this type of activity, but we’re young and fit (-ter than most!) so we’ll plow ahead!

At the summit of my first “46er” (or the 46 peaks in the Adirondacks over 4,000ft), Cascade Peak!

The most important aspect of this summer, however, is fundraising. Despite having two jobs to juggle along with workouts, I will not have the funds necessary for the 2012-2013 skeleton season. I have been in contact with a few people already regarding funding, but I will soon be sending out letters again to ask for your help! Every season is important, and this coming one is especially so, as it is the last full season before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. I will need help financially, as I hope this year to improve on my Team Trials performance and make a competition circuit.

This is a difficult time financially for everyone, as I am aware, and I am doing my best to raise funds on my own, but like I said, I will need all of your help! This journey is not possible without friends and family’s support, and I appreciate everything!

For now, I wish you all a happy, sunny summer! Stay relaxed and enjoy every minute! Keep an eye out for more posts coming your way!

Many have been asking about donations. Below is the information for such things! (Better to go through Utah Bobsled and Skeleton Association, as they are tax-deductible and PayPal is not.)

MAKE CHECK OUT TO: Utah Bobsled and Skeleton Association

WRITE ON MEMO LINE: Lauren Salter sponsorship

INCLUDE: Your name and address in a note

SEND IT TO: Utah Bobsled and Skeleton Association

P.O. Box 581131

Salt Lake City, UT  84158

For more information about the US Bobsled and Skeleton teams, please visit

Twitter: @lsesalter



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