Wreck This Journal Adventures

Let’s just cut to the chase:

I’m a perfectionist. I have a slight case of OCD. Really, everything must be straight and organized. Part of it comes from my upbringing (teacher Moms for the win!) but I think I’ve always been a pretty organized person. I want everything to happen in order. Basically, I’d make a rubbish Time Lord.

Thing is, that’s not exactly how life goes. Things change. Times change. Seasons change. Your age changes. Jobs change. Desires change.

My former skeleton coach, and current friend and confidant Becca (pst, Becca, you’ll always be my coach, just so you know!) used to tell me not to fight change. Change brings good things, if you let it. So, here I am. Embracing change.

Thanks to a great tip from my friend Karen, I’ve decided to invest in another creative project. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: the Wreck This Journal.




Wreck This Journal: fresh and new…just how I like things!

It arrived on 3 January, all pristine and new. Just how I like things. And isn’t it fitting that I haven’t cracked it open apart from just reading through the ridiculous directions?

Page One

Page One

So here I am, on the bring of totally destroying a journal…something I never ever thought I would do. Heck, I still might not even be able to do it. Still, I’m open to ideas. And I’ll keep track of my progress here. If you’re not interested, eh. Too bad for you. It’ll be a laugh, and it’ll be a definitely challenge for yours truly!

Wish me luck!

PS. You thought you’d get an update about my life, didn’t you! Well, it’ll come. Eventually. For now, I’ll leave you with this: I’m working on things, getting healthy, in both mind and body, and experiencing a new city (Seattle, in case you missed that memo).

Cheers, and a happy, healthy 2016 to everyone.

Oh, and go see Star Wars. It’s awesome.


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